Group Sales

A key component of the Convention and Visitor Bureau is the Group Sales Department.  Sharply focused on group sales efforts targeting the meetings and conventions, tour and travel and sports tourism market segments, each year this team connects with thousands of professional meeting planners, tour operators and event organizers across the United Sates, as well as internationally in the UK, Germany, China and Canada. 


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Bob Harris
EVP of Sales
843-916-7265 | Toll Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me

Mary Carman Isenberg
Group Sales Manager
843-916-7217 | Toll Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me

Sandy Haines
Group Tour Sales Manager
843-916-7248 | Toll Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me

Lori Lampo
Meetings & Conventions Sales Manager
843-916-7299 | Toll Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me

Dawn Formo
Meetings & Conventions Sales Manager
843-916-7267 | Toll Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me

Jonathan Paris
Director of Sports Tourism
617-265-5231 | E-mail Me

Taylor Sellers
Sports/Meeting & Convention Assistant Sales Manager
843-916-7266 | Toll Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me

Lisa Saguto
Assistant Sales Manager
843-916-7247 | Toll Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me

Scott Head
CVB & Advertising Sales Manager
843-916-7277 | Toll Free 800-488-8998 | E-mail Me

Melanie Doty
Specialty Market Sales Manager
843-685-8585 | E-mail Me
Specialty Markets include: family reunions, military units, fraternal, social, religious and weddings

Denise Cmiel
Midwestern Account Manager
630-534-6040 | E-mail Me

Kimberly Hartley
Canadian/International Account Manager
905-582-9252 | E-mail Me