Canada Gets a Taste of Myrtle Beach

CVB group sales and media representatives headed to Toronto, Canada in May to share a taste of Myrtle Beach with Canadians. This mission trip included one-on-one meetings with meeting and incentive planners and media, as well as several events highlighted below. This mission trip is an annual outreach effort to remind this important market why the Myrlte Beach area has been a favorite vacation holiday for Canadians year after year.

Taste of Myrtle Beach Group Sales Event

On Monday, May 7th, the CVB hosted the Taste of Myrtle Beach at Arcadian Studio in Toronto. Meeting, incentive and corporate meeting planners and media were invited to the evening reception which included cooking demonstration, a presentation and dinner. More than 20 planners attended the event along with two travel trade media. In addtion to a taste of Myrtle Beach, attendess recieved a take home bag that included a visitor guide, profile sheet, informaiton on shag dancing, a flash drive with additional informaiton, candied pecans, and a cookbook signed by Heidi Vukov. 

CHCH TV “Morning Live Show”  with Chef Heidi Vukov

Chef Heidi Vukov showcased a taste of Myrlte Beach on the CHCH TV "Morning Live Show" on May 7th. During the segment, Chef Heidi assembled a sandcastle cake while sharing the wonderful attributes of Myrtle Beach.  You can view the full CHCH TV clip here.

Taste of 2 Cities Chef Cookoff Event

On May 8th, Myrlte Beach participated in a Taste of 2 Cities event with our sisiter city in Canada - Burlington. Chef Vukov participated in a Chef cool off along with seven other area restaurants. Shag dancers from Myrtle Beach added to the experience. 

Deskside Visits with Group Sales & Media

Group Sales team had several one on one visits with key Meeting, Incentive, Corporate Group Planners throughout the Toronto area, while the media team met with regional trade and consumer media. 

Canadian Music Week “Spotlight on the USA/Brand USA”

We closed out the mission trip at the Spotlight on the USA event with Brand USA. This coincided with Canadian Music Week (CMW) and launched the new film, "America's Musical Journey" to the Canadian market. Visit Myrtle Beach participated in the trade show and reception, connecting with more than 400 delegates. Shag dancing, beach music and Coastal Carolina cuisine were all featured.

The Visit Myrtle Beach team hits the road througout the year with group sales mission trips and trade shows, counsumer travel shows, and media mission trips.

Sales Mission The Myrtle Beach Team.jpg

In addition to Toronto, 2018 media mission trips have included New York City, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Birmingham, Charleston and Charlotte, along with additonal media appearances in Ohio, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Denver and more.