Myrtle Beach Community Pays Tribute to Tourism Leader, Brad Dean

In the wake of Brad Dean's resignation, colleagues, citizens and friends respond to the loss of Myrtle Beach's transformative leader. 

Brenda Bethune, Mayor of the City of Myrtle Beach, expresses her thoughts on the departure of Brad Dean from the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitor Bureau. "Our community is stronger because of his hard work and dedication," said Brenda.

John Pedersen, city manager of Myrtle Beach, shares thoughts on the departure of Brad Dean from Myrtle Beach and his new position with Puerto Rico DMO. "I hold Brad in extremely high esteem, both as a consummate professional, and, more importantly, as an outstanding human being."
Mark Kruea, public information director for city of Myrtle Beach, shares his thoughts on Brad Dean's move to Puerto Rico to lead the new DMO. "They say nobody is irreplaceable. Brad Dean may actually be that one irreplaceable person in our community."

Others Share Their Support Via Email

I had the privilege of working closely with Brad Dean for over 6 years while I was the executive director of another organization. Of all the years I have been working, I have never know anyone with the dedication and work ethic of Brad Dean. He showed such compassion for the area and Myrtle Beach has a BIG pair of shoes to fill. NUMEROUS times I sent him an email in the middle of the night, and 10 minutes later my phone would vibrate with the response from him. I urge to please ignore the bloggers, they have their own agenda and it’s not for the betterment of our area!
— Raymond A. Rollins
Hello, I am writing this letter to show my support for Mr. Brad Dean. Mr. Dean has done so much for Myrtle Beach, S.C. He has been an incredible asset to our city. The progress that he has made for Myrtle Beach speaks for itself. Mr. Dean’s departure certainly signifies the end of a great era. He will be missed immensely by the citizens of Myrtle Beach and Horry County. Puerto Rico is definitely gaining a terrific leader. I am very thankful for everything that Mr. Dean has done for Myrtle Beach and I wish him and his family the best with all future endeavors.
— Janice P. Raines
Hello Brad, sad to see you go. You will be truly missed. Don’t pay any attention to the haters they will always be around. This is a new season for you and your family. There is greatness in you, so you can do this. Thanks for everything you have done, and Sam and I support you.
— Sam and Robin Gause
Brad Dean has to be one of the best promoters and visionaries for the City of Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand. His dedication to making Myrtle Beach a top destination for vacation and sports tourism has been one of the best campaigns that the Grand Strand has ever enjoyed. Back in 2007 in the second year of Mayfest on Main, the largest promotion to date in North Myrtle Beach, my husband found Brad in the parking lots writing down the license plate states in order to know where to do additional marketing. The vicious attacks against Brad are unwarranted. He has to be one of the most honorable men I have ever known. Except for a very small group of naysayers that complain about everything, Brad has commanded the respect of the other 99% of the population.
— Mikey Hough, Water Dog Promotions
To the leaders and people of Puerto Rico: Congratulations on your choice of hiring Brad Dean for your new Tourism job. Your gain is a huge loss to Myrtle Beach. Brad is a proven leader and the most organized person I’ve ever known. He speaks with facts, figures and from his heart. Again, Puerto Rico is very fortunate to have his talents to help rebuild your wonderful island. I hope to visit in the future.
— Sally P Howard
Puerto Rico is beautiful, as are its people. Brad will help to bring the world to understand its wide array of offerings more fully. He will also, when necessary, get down in the trenches to work hard and effectively to help mold consensus out of confusion. When he does, he will not claim the credit or the limelight but will share it with the team. Enjoy the talents and gifts of the man who we along South Carolina’s Grand Strand will miss very much!
— Patrick Downing, Public Information Officer for City of North Myrtle Beach
The Myrtle Beach Community and the State of South Carolina has truly lost a great ambassador and Leader for our area and State. Brad Dean is a man of impeccable character and work ethic. I served on the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce when Brad was hired and chaired the selection committee that ultimately hired Brad as our CEO. One of the best decisions this community has made. Since that time I have served the past 5 years as Chairman of Horry County Council the political body that represents the entire Myrtle Beach Area. Prior to that I served as its district 2 representative. From these positions I worked closely with Brad on many initiatives for the betterment of our Community. Brad has helped lead our efforts to increase airline flights into the Myrtle Beach area, guide us after many hurricanes and after one of the worst recessions this country has ever seen. His leadership is proven and unwavering. In politics and as high profile individuals, we have many distractors and in this case the information you are receiving is coming from a select few that would do anything to bring down our great community and its leaders. I also own and operate several entertainment venues in the Myrtle Beach area. As a businessman I totally support Brad and know we will feel the loss of his presence and leadership. Your gain is certainly our loss.
— Mark Lazerus, Chairman Horry County and Lazerus Entertainment

Letters of Support


Thank You for Your Support

We at the Chamber and CVB have been so moved by this outpouring of support for Brad Dean and our team. It's a reminder of what a great community we work, live and play in and why we all work collaboratively to grow the community. As Brad often says, "A rising tide lifts all boats." Together, we'll continue to do great things in Myrtle Beach and we know that Brad will have a positive impact on Puerto Rico. Thank you all for your support.

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